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Fun and Games for Little Mateys

A treasure trove of pirate-related activities for kids

  • A group of kids dressed up as pirates on Vampire

    Visit a Fantasy Pirate Ship

    Lookout me mateys! Is that a pirate ship docked at the museum’s wharf or is it James Cook's HMB Endeavour? This magnificent replica of James Cook’s Royal Navy ship is the perfect place for adventure and fantasy play for under 10s. Bring along some imagination and climb aboard and explore the galley below. See where pirates might sleep and cook and speculate about a pirate’s life during the period of great maritime adventure.

    A groups of school kids enjoying pirate school 

    Pirate School (School Excursions)

    In this school excursion program, students swap their school subjects for lessons in how to become a fully-fledged pirate! Mathematics becomes counting treasure, English becomes speaking like a pirate and hearing pirate tales, PE becomes learning a pirate jig! Designed for Stages ES1, 1 & 2.

    Pirate Crafts

    Explore our pirate craft ideas!

    paper craft - pirate hat and patch

    Make a pirate hat and eye patch

    Don’t just talk like a pirate, look like a pirate too! To help you get in the swashbuckling spirit,  here’s a pirate hat and eye patch pattern to download and make.

    Patch-eyed pirate prints

    Make patch-eyed pirate prints

    Instructions on how to make a pirate stencil to use on totes, bandanna's or even a flag.

    paper craft - make a pirate Christmas card

    Pirate greeting cards

    A DIY greeting card with a swashbuckling pirate theme.