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    The Australian National Maritime Museum is bursting with educational opportunities for school students and offers truly unique excursions and virtual excursions for students and teachers alike.

    Our qualified and experienced teacher guides run over 30 educational programs across a number of curriculum areas. Sessions are imaginative and hands-on and suitable for students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

    Three easy steps to organising your excursion or virtual excursion

    1. Choose a program from below
    2. Complete the online registration form
    3. Plan your visit / Essential safety and supervision information. Take our Orientation Tour for Teachers and prepare for your visit


    Due to museum renovations, some excursions will be unavailable this month. For February, we recommend the HMB Endeavour replica, the Tall Ship James Craig, the HMAS Vampire and the Pyrmont Walk. Our full excursion schedule will be available from March onwards.


    1. Choose a program

    Click on the links in the tables below to learn more about each program.

    Please note: Teachers and supervising adults visit FREE of charge within the ratios specified in 'Plan Your Visit' below. Additional adults will be charged the student rate. All bookings include FREE entry to museum exhibitions and HMAS Vampire, time permitting.

    High School Programs


    Australian Curriculum v8.1

    NSW Syllabus

    Price per student Term 4

    History of Swimwear
    NSW Technology Years 11-12 Textiles & Design: stage 6
    Society & Culture: stage 6
    History Years 9-10
    Geography Year 8 
    Civics & Citizenship Years 8-9
    History: Stage 5
    Geography: Stage 5
    Maritime archaeology Years 7- 9 (skills)
    Marine and Aquaculture technology: Stages 4 & 5
    History: Stages 4 & 5 (skills)
    Pyrmont walk Geography Year 9
    CCP: SUS
    Geography Stage 5
    CCP: SUS
    Science and the sea Science years 7-8 Science: Stage 4 $15
    Senior maritime archaeology Ancient History Year 11 (skills) Marine Studies: Stage 6
    Ancient History Stage 6 (Preliminary Course)
    Senior Pyrmont Walk

    Geography Years 11-12

    Geography: Stage 6
    CCP: SUS
    Shipwrecks corrosion and conservation Chemistry Years 11-12  Chemistry: Stage 6 $22

    Primary School Programs

    Program Australian Curriculum v8.1
    NSW Syllabus Price per student Term 4
    HMB Endeavour Year 4: HASS (H); CCP: A&TSIHC Stage 2: History
    Years 5 – 6: HASS (H)
    Year 6: HASS (G)
    CCP: Asia
    Stage 3: History, Geography
    Life aboard a tall ship Years 2 – 3: HASS (H)
    Stage 2: History $10
    Year 4: HASS (H)
    Stage 2: History
    Pirate School
    Years F – 3: Cross-curriculum Stages ES1 – Stage 2: Cross curriculum $15
    Submarine Adventure
    Year 2: Science; Design and Technologies Stage 1: Science & Technology $10
    Highlights Years F – 6: Cross-Curriculum Stages ES1–3: Cross curriculum  $10
    All Aboard  Years 2 – 3: HASS, Science; Design and Technologies
    Cross curriculum CCP SUS
     Stages 2-3: Science, Geography, History and PDHPE  $10


    HASS (G) = Humanities & Social Sciences – Geography
    HASS (H) = Humanities & Social Sciences – History
    CCP = Cross-curriculum priorities
    A&TSIHC = Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander History & Culture
    SUS = Sustainability
    ASIA = Australia’s connections with Asia

    Virtual Excursions 

    Australian Curriculum v8.1
    NSW Syllabus Price per student
    Pirates from Cyberspace Attack! Cross curriculum
    Cross curriculum $2
    Inspiring Stories Series
    Dependent on speaker
    Dependent on speaker $2
    Water and Indigenous People CCP: A&TSIHC, SUS ; HASS (G); Years 3–6
    CCP: A&TSIHC, SUS ; Geography Stages 2 – 3 $2
    Virtual Endeavour
    Wide range of content mapped to Australian Curriculum targeting all year levels   
    Wide range of content mapped to Australian Curriculum targeting all year levels   
    FREE during trial period
    Where do you think it goes?
    CCP: SUS; 
    Year 3 Science, HASS (G)
    Year 4 Science , HASS (G)
    Year 5 HASS ( G)
    CCP: SUS,
    Stage 2 Science & Technology
    Stage 3 Geography

    Add a vessel tour or cruise
    Tour Price per student
    HMB Endeavour $5
    Tall Ship James Craig $4
    Submarine HMAS Onslow $3
    Harbour Cruise
    Please contact us for pricing

    2. Make a booking / Contact us

    Bookings and enquiries:

    Other contact details:

    • Postal address: 2 Murray Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    • Fax: (02) 9298 3660

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    3. Plan your visit / Essential Safety and Supervision Information

    Before embarking on your excursion, please:

    • Print and complete the School WH & S Risk Management Plan (PDF, 83kb)
    • Organise supervision for your group in the following ratios: 1 supervising adult per 10 students for years K–6; 1 supervising adult per 15 students for years 7–12.
    • Prepare your Resource Materials (if applicable). For some programs, student notes will be sent to you prior to your visit. Please photocopy one set of notes per student and ensure that they bring them (and pencils) to the museum.

    How to get here:

    • Car parking & public transport: there are lots of options to choose from on our Getting Here page.
    • School bus parking can be arranged FREE of charge. Advance bookings essential: (02) 9298 3655.

    Once you arrive:

    • Students must stay within the museum precinct. 
    • School bags: to be placed in the museum’s secure storage area.
    • Photos and videos: students are welcome to take photos and video in the museum (no flash) for personal, non-commercial use only. Some temporary exhibitions may have restrictions so please check at the front desk when you arrive.
    • Social media: you can share your posts and photos with us by tagging @anmmuseum / #anmm on Twitter and Instagram or by liking us on Facebook.  
    • Food and drink: see our Eating & Drinking page.
    • Accessiblity: the museum is an accessible venue. If you are travelling with students with special needs, please see our Accessibility Guide.
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    Photo Gallery

    A group of children seated in a program at the museumA group of children on a school visit in the Royal Australian Navy gallery at the museumA group of children on board the James Craig tall shipA group of children on exploring the James Craig tall shipA group of uniformed school children listening to a museum education guide on board the HMB Endeavour replica