Sail the Endeavour

Experience 18th-century blue water sailing at its best

Endeavour under full sail at sea

Step back in time and experience history on the world-famous replica of James Cook's HMB Endeavour and challenge yourself to do something extraordinary.

  • About


    HMB Endeavour will not be undertaking any voyages until 2019, you can virtually visit via our innovative virtual Endeavour tour program developed by our education department. During this time it will be moored at the museum and remain accessible to our visitors.

    Escape the everyday. Climb aboard and learn to sail our world-renowned replica of James Cook’s famous HMB Endeavour.

    Whether you’re an adventure seeker looking for a challenge or a history lover wanting an authentic 18th century sailing experience, our voyage program has something for you.

    For action and adventure, sail as a Voyage Crew member. Our professional crew will train you in all aspects of 18th-century sailing – climbing, setting sails and taking the helm. If you prefer a more leisurely approach to sailing, join us as a Supernumerary. Experience the thrill of sailing while choosing your level of participation. Plus, you can relax in your own private cabin.

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    Contact the Endeavour office with your enquiries:
    Phone: +61 2 9298 3777

    You can also follow HMB Endeavour on the blog.

    Track the Endeavour online

    Whenever the Endeavour is voyaging, visit (and search for "HMB Endeavour") to follow its journey from home.

  • Crew Information

    Crew Information

    HMB Endeavour is a fully functioning, seagoing ship and you can sail her as either Voyage Crew or as a Supernumerary. Here's what you'll need when you step on board the ship.

    Voyage Crew

    Endeavour crew in action

    As a Voyage Crew member, you'll experience all the adventure and action on board Endeavour. Live, sleep and eat just as pioneering sailors did almost 250 years ago. Be trained by our professional crew in all aspects of 18th-century sailing – climbing the mast, setting sails, navigating, keeping watch and taking the helm – while making life-long friendships.

    All meals, training and sleeping hammock included.


    Endeavour under partial sail at sea

    Prefer a more leisurely approach to your sailing adventures? Experience the thrill and excitement of sailing while choosing your level of participation. Supernumeraries can relax in the Great Cabin and enjoy the comfort of their own single cabin.

    All meals, training (you choose your level of involvement) and private cabin included.

    What to Pack

    All crew are issued with an Endeavour T-shirt and are encouraged to wear it when the ship is departing or entering port. All your gear (except wet weather clothing and sleeping bag) must fit inside a locker (76 x 50 x 50cm, split by a shelf). All belongings should be clearly marked with your name. There are no laundry facilities on board for voyage crew or supernumeraries. Clothing will come into contact with tar. Tar is extremely difficult to remove from clothing. With limited space on Endeavour, we cannot accommodate requests for additional baggage.


    • Trousers
    • Thermals
    • Shorts
    • T-shirts
    • Warm clothing, including warm hat and gloves
    • Wet weather jacket and pants
    • Sun hat
    • Sailing/sports shoes (with non-slip soles)
    • Sailing gloves (optional for supernumeraries), available from marine supply stores such as Whitworths
    • Sleeping attire suitable for communal living
    • Bathing suit
    • Medium-sized towel (not bath size, voyage crew only)
    • Sleeping bag (voyage crew only)
    • Sunscreen
    • Seasickness medication
    • Toiletries
    • Small padlock for locker (voyage crew only)
    • Plastic water bottle


    • Musical instrument
    • Camera

    What to leave at home

    • Suitcases
    • Cigarettes/pipes/cigars (smoking is not allowed anywhere on Endeavour)
    • Alcohol
    • Illegal drugs
    • Weapons
    • Anything that can't fit into your locker!

    What we provide

    • Pillows
    • All linen for supernumeraries
    • Endeavour T-shirt
    • Safety harness
    • All meals
    • An experience of a lifetime!

    Safety harness

    You are issued with a safety harness which must be worn while you are on watch and climbing aloft. This harness remains the property of Endeavour and must be returned before leaving the ship.

    Toilets and showers

    Bathroom and shower facilities are available on board.


    All meals are supplied by our experienced catering crew. Please advise if you have special dietary requirements when you book.


    Even if you are not prone to seasickness, we recommend that you bring some medication as a precaution.

    Joining day details

    Prior to departure, we will send you specific details of where the ship will be berthed and the time to join. All travel arrangements to and from ports and accommodation in port is the responsibility of the crew member or supernumerary.


    On the first day of the voyage, our professional crew will give training to all voyage crew and supernumeraries in safety procedures, line handling and sail handling. Training is mandatory. Our time of departure is dependent on completion of this training, as well as weather and tide conditions, and we may need to stay alongside on the first night.

    Weather and safety

    All voyages are dependent on weather and tides. Due to safety issues, the master of Endeavour may make changes to an itinerary during the voyage. This includes, but is not limited to, departing port later than the advertised date, arriving at port earlier or later than the advertised date, arriving at a different port to the one advertised and not incorporating the Sod's Opera into the voyage. Safety of the vessel and everyone on board is the number one priority of the Australian National Maritime Museum, the master and professional crew of Endeavour. The master has absolute discretion over voyage schedules and anything that may compromise the safety of Endeavour and those on board.

    Contact us

    Contact the Endeavour office with your enquiries.
    Phone: +61 2 9298 3777

  • Book a Voyage

    Book a Voyage

    Ready to sign up for the adventure of a lifetime? 

    1) Before making a booking, please review our Terms and Conditions HMB Endeavour and read the Crew Information and FAQs tabs on this webpage.

    2) To book, please call us on +61 2 9298 3777 or email Please mention at time of booking if you are eligible for any of the following discounts (Note: one applicable discount per person per booking):

    - 10% off when you book two or more voyages.
    - 5% off for Maritime Museum members, volunteers and people who have sailed with HMB Endeavour since 2011.

    3) Following your booking, you'll need to complete a medical declaration form signed by your GP (which we'll explain during booking). In the unlikely event that you are not cleared to come on board, we will give you a full refund.

    Please note: while every effort is made to follow the above voyage plans, the decision to proceed with the program remains with the ship Captain and depends on safety and the weather.

    Contact us

    Contact the Endeavour office with your enquiries:
    Phone: +61 2 9298 3777

  • FAQs


    I have no sailing experience, can I still join a voyage?

    Yes. All crew joining Endeavour are inducted into the ship and the first day is dedicated to training the crew in line and sail handling, climbing aloft and safety procedures. Sailing Endeavour is different to sailing a modern sailing vessel and all crew, regardless of sailing experience, are treated equally.

    Is there an age limit on voyages?

    Due to insurance and safety procedures, you need to be at least 18 years old to join an Endeavour voyage. All applicants must have a medical declaration form completed by their local doctor (this form can be downloaded here word.doc 102 kb, PDF 97kb.)

    I'm scared of heights, do I have to climb aloft?

    Voyage crew assist the professional crew with sail handling on Endeavour and this involves climbing the rigging to set the sails. The professional crew will train the voyage crew on how to climb aloft safely. It is expected that you must climb aloft when required. If you are unable to climb aloft the first time, it may be a challenge for yourself to get to a higher point as the voyage continues. All crew are issued with a safety harness when they join and are required to clip on to the rigging when climbing aloft. If you are unsure whether you can climb aloft, or would like some practice in climbing, we suggest that you visit an indoor rock climbing facility to help acclimatise to the feelings of climbing aloft.

    Will I get seasick?

    Each person is different so it is hard to judge whether you will get seasick. As Endeavour sails, the deck pitches and rolls and sometimes even the hardiest sailor can feel the effects. We recommend that you bring some seasickness tablets as a precaution.

    What type of wet weather gear will I need?

    You do not need to purchase specialist sailing wet weather clothing. Moderate jackets and pants that can be purchased from department stores will be adequate.

    Will my clothing get covered in tar?

    The rigging on Endeavour is coated in tar. Therefore, when you climb aloft, there is a chance that your clothing will get marked with tar. Tar is extremely difficult to wash out of clothing.

    Can I stay onboard Endeavour the night before my voyage departs?

    No. We adhere to the policies and procedures of the Australian National Maritime Museum and due to insurance, security and occupational health and safety policies, voyage crew and supernumeraries are unable to stay onboard Endeavour the night before their voyage.

    Can I buy a gift certificate for a voyage?

    Due to the nature of Endeavour voyages and the application process, we do not offer gift certificates for voyages. Each applicant is assessed by the Endeavour office to ensure they are suited to the voyage. If you would like to buy a voyage berth as a gift for someone, fill in the application form (available online when the voyage schedule has been finalised) with their details and your contact details. In the comments section, state that it is a gift so that we don't spoil the surprise!

    Can I park my car at the Australian National Maritime Museum for the duration of my voyage?

    Unfortunately not. There is very limited parking available at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

    Can my family or friends have a look onboard Endeavour on the day of departure?

    The day of departure involves various briefings and training. Due to this schedule, family and friends of voyage crew and supernumeraries are unable to board to have a look around. However, when Endeavour arrives at her destination port, family and friends are very welcome to come onboard for a look.

    Can I bring extra luggage?

    Not on this voyage. Endeavour has limited storage space and requests for additional luggage cannot be accommodated. All personal belongings, apart from wet weather gear, sleeping bags and musical instruments such as guitars, must fit into a locker (76 x 50 x 50cm).

    Can I bring my own alcohol?

    No. For safety reasons, Endeavour is a dry ship and voyage crew and supernumeraries are not permitted to bring alcohol onboard.

    Will I get enough to eat?

    Endeavour is an authentic replica but she still has some mod cons, including a modern galley and a professional catering team who cook hearty meals throughout the voyage to keep energy levels high. There is always plenty of food and you will not need to bring your own provisions. A well fed crew is a happy crew!

    Are there showers onboard?

    Definitely, Endeavour has a 20th century deck which has modern, hot freshwater showers and marine toilets. Showers must be used sparingly as the ship carries a limited supply of fresh water.

    Are there engines onboard and will they be used?

    Endeavour has 2 405hp Caterpillar diesel engines onboard. We plan our voyage schedule for as much sailing as possible but our engines are used for safety as well as to maintain the 21st century schedule.

    Will I be able to charge my camera batteries?

    There are normal three-prong 240 volt electrical sockets on the 20th-century deck. The electricity is supplied from a generator located in Endeavour's engine room. Please be aware that as this electricity is from a generator, the voltage can fluctuate and there is a very small chance that damage to your electrical item may occur.

    Will I need to take out travel insurance?

    Yes. Travel insurance is compulsory for all voyage crew and supernumeraries. Travel insurance covers the small amount of personal effects that you will bring on a voyage and also covers the cost of the voyage if you have to withdraw for emergency reasons. It also covers repatriation in the unlikely event that the voyage is cancelled after departure.

    Will I need a passport or visa to go on the New Caledonian voyages?

    You need a vaild passport to go New Caledonia. The following countries are exempt from visa for a stay in New Caledonia that does not exceed three months: Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, South Korea, Holy See (Vatican), Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA.

    How many people are on an Endeavour voyage?

    There are 56 people on board Endeavour on each voyage. This is made up of 16 professional crew, 36 voyage crew and 4 supernumeraries.

    How fast is Endeavour?

    The average speed that Endeavour can sail is 4.5 knots, although the ship can easily sail at 8 knots and has achieved over 10 knots in ideal conditions.

    Contact us

    Contact the Endeavour office with your enquiries.
    Phone: +61 2 9298 3777

  • Port Lincoln to Portland

    Endeavour crew up in the sails

    Visit the oldest European settlement in Victoria. Sail close to shore and see Australia as it might have been in the 18th century, passing close to Kangaroo Island.

    Dates: 10–18 March 2016

    Price: Voyage Crew $1,540, Supernumerary $2,600

    Portland to Sydney

    12 Apostles at sunset

    Enjoy expansive, breathtaking views on the longest voyage in our East Coast program. Sail through Bass Strait and past the massive limestone Twelve Apostles.

    Dates: 25 March–6 April 2016

    Price: Voyage Crew $3,540, Supernumerary $6,000

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