Trawler turned war hero

The fishing trawler MV Krait underway

This humble fishing trawler led a double life during World War II.



    Built in 1934 in Japan and originally named Kofuku Maru (Happiness or Good Fortune), Krait collected fish from fishermen and ports around the Rhio Archipelago and took the catch to the Singapore markets. It took food, water and other supplies to the fishing fleet.

    Confined to port early in World War II, the boat was used by Captain Bill Reynolds to evacuate hundreds of civilians to nearby Sumatra and when the Japanese continued to advance he took it to Colombo. It was soon proposed that the vessel be used as part of a covert operation.

    Renamed Krait (after a deadly species of snake) its most famous hour came in 1943 when a 14-strong company of British and Australian army and naval personnel set out on a daring commando night raid on shipping in the Singapore Roads.


    Codenamed Operation Jaywick, Krait was disguised as a Japanese fishing boat and successfully taken to within 20 miles of Singapore itself. Three pairs of operatives in folboats (folding canoes) attached limpet mines to and blew up or damaged seven Japanese tankers and freighters totalling some 37,000 tonnes.

    Krait then operated out of Darwin as a coastwatch and intelligence support vessel in Indonesia. Commissioned HMAS Krait in 1944, the vessel witnessed the Japanese surrender at Ambon in September 1945 and after the war was handed to the British Borneo Civil Affairs Unit.

    Krait was bought by a British sawmiller for the Borneo timber trade - and renamed Pedang (Sword). In the late 1950s two Australians recognised Krait whilst on a timber-related business trip. A public appeal followed and the Krait Trust Fund was formed to purchase the vessel and return it to Australia - which it did successfully in 1964.

    The vessel was operated by the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol for patrol, search and rescue, boating courses and school visits. It was transferred to the Australian War Memorial in 1985 and has been cared for by ANMM since 1987.

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    In the news

    Krait recently featured in an episode of Australian Story on ABC, which you can watch online. Former Maritime Museum employee, Penny Edwell, featured in the episode and you can read two posts by her about Krait over on our blog:

    It was also the subject of an ABC news article: MV Krait: Unassuming fishing boat to be restored and memorialised after crucial role in WWII's Special Operations

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    MV Krait is currently undergoing an extensive $1 million restoration program to return it to its 1943 configuration. To donate towards the MV Krait Restoration Fund visit our Foundation page

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    Length  21.33 m
    Breadth  3.35 m
    Draught  1.5 m
    Displacement  35.27 tonnes
    Construction  Carvel timber, teak planking
    Lent by the Australian War Memorial
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