War and Peace in the Pacific The 75th Anniversary of World War 2 in the Pacific

An Online exploration after 75 Years: Australian, Japanese and U.S. Persepectives



    After 75 Years

    War and Peace in the Pacific is an online exhibition which delves into the events and impacts both on the battlefield of the Pacific War, and at home, 75 years after they occurred. You will find Australian, Japanese and U.S. perspectives. Follow this journey as we discover new stories, and uncover familiar ones in new ways.  

    Constantly Updating

    New stories will be added constantly over the next five years. Bookmark this page, or sign up to our newsletters, which will include future updates on War and Peace in the Pacific.

    Guardians of Sundra Strait: The world war II loss of HMAS Perth and USS Houston

    Guardians of Sunda Strait
    28 February 1942

    The night of Feb 28, 1942 saw the HMAS Perth and USS Houston face off against a large portion of the Imperial Japanese. This is their story of facing overwhelming odds, and the battle's aftermath. Read.

    Bombing of Darwin

    Bombing of Darwin
    9 December 1941

    The Bombing of Darwin was the first attack by Japanese forces on the Australian mainland after Australia had officially declared war on Japan on the 9th December 1941. Read.

    Battle of the Coral Sea

    Battle of the Coral Sea
    4-8 May 1942

    Three navies, four aircraft carriers, 255 aircraft and 76 ships in a four-day battle that changed naval warfare forever. Eight ships sunk, 161 aircraft destroyed and 1622 men killed. Read.

    Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbor Remembered
    7 December 1941

    I grew up hearing my dad’s tales of the Second World War, the good and the bad. One of my joys was him tucking me into bed of a night, Navy fashion; nice and tight. Read.

    Battle of the Coral SeaBill Dority and WifeBattle of the Coral SeaBombing of Darwin USS Peary sinkingUSS Arizona after Pearl Harbor



    War and Peace in the Pacific 75 is a five year long education program.

    As part of the project, schools from Australia, Japan and the United States have been asked to participate in a wide range of educational activities. For example, see Micheal Johnson from California's PowerPoint on the Doolittle raid.

    In 2017 schools were asked to create video documentaries. The result was videos with different perspectives featuring a wide range of aspects of the Pacific conflict, which you can see below.

    SIGN UP FOR 2018

    In 2018, schools will be designing banners for an exhibition. If you'd like your class or school to join in this international project, read this information pack. The winners will have their work displayed at the Australian National Maritime Museum.


    Another part of War and Peace in the Pacific 75 is the Youth Ambassador program, where selected students go to destinations of significance to commemorate and learn.


    In 2017, three Friendship Youth Ambassadors were chosen to represent each country after video applications, and then flown to Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, to take part in a Friendship Ceremony on December 7, 2017, the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbour.

    The event was a great success, featuring a range of activities, including joining other ceremonies marking 75 years of War and Peace in the Pacific, and the Blackened Canteen Ceremony, trips to nearby paticipating schools and a night on the USS Missouri.

    In 2018, the destination for the next round of Youth Ambassadors will be Australia, and in 2019 the planned (but not confirmed) destination is Japan.

    If you'd like to enquire about War in the Pacific 75 for your school, please email: wapip75@anmm.gov.au

    Youth Friendship Ceremony

    On December 7, 2017 students from Australia, Japan and the USA participated in a ceremony to commit to friendship and peace in the Pacific. Click here to see the certificate they signed.

    The Ceremony

    Youth Ambassadors: Ambassadors of Peace Celebration

    The three youth ambassadors participated in a range of activities, including a visit to Hawaiian school Aliamanu Middle School.

    Youth Ambassador Applications: 2017

    Here are the video applications of the three Youth Ambassadors who attended the Youth Friendship Ceremony on December 7, 2017 at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.

    Millicent Sarginson: Australia

    Nanari Minegishi: Japan

    Sara Cole: USA


    Below are all the films submitted in the inagural year of War and Peace in the Pacific 75. First off, a compilation of all films submitted to get an introduction to the wide range of subjects covered.

    Short Compliation: An Introduction

    Analy High School, USA: The Bombardment of Elwood

    Amaroo School, Canberra, Australia: The Bombing of Darwin

    Academy of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, USA: Battle of the Coral Sea

    Academy of the Canyons' local newspaper, Santa Clarita Valley's The Signal, has a cheer squad for the War and Peace in the Pacific 75: read their article on the making of this video here, and their Youth Ambassadors' trip to Hawaii here.

    The Franciscan School, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: The USA and Australian Alliance

    Central Union High School, El Centro California, USA: Battle of Midway

    Aliamanu Middle School, Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, USA: Jimmy Lee 1:1

    Lake Macquarie High, NSW, Australia: War and Peace in the Pacific 75 Project

    Sendai Shirayuri Gakuen High School, Sendai, Japan: War and Peace in the Pacific 75 Project