Maritime Moustaches

Unknown hirsute man. Samuel J Hood Studio. ANMM Collection

The museum's collection of photographs holds hundreds of maritime moustaches.

  • On Now Until May 2018

    Moustaches have long been a favourite of sailors and sea captains. Maritime Moustaches is a ‘barber shop wall’ display of images from the museum’s collection spanning the Victorian era to the 1980s. Do you know your moustaches? On display will be some of timeless classics such as the ‘Chevron’, the ‘Dali’ and the ‘Handlebar’. There will also be lesser known styles such as the ‘Walrus’, ‘Toothbrush’, ‘Horseshoe’, ‘Pencil’, and the ‘ Lampshade’. 

    The museum’s collection has hundreds of images of salty men - sometimes with outrageous moustaches – proudly displaying their hirsute masculinity. This small selection might provide some inspiration for future generations of facial hair arrangements at sea.

    Come and try the Moustache Testing Machine and create your very own moustachioed memorabilia! 

    Explore our collection for more vintage fashion inspiration and marvellous moustaches.


    Open daily, 9.30am–5pm from 18 November.

    Included in the Free Galleries Ticket.

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    Unidentified merchant mariner, British India Steam Navigation Company, circa 1910.  Samuel J Hood Studio.  ANMM Collection 00021462‘A study in beards and moustaches’, Samuel J Hood Studio, circa 1910.  ANMM Collection 00022177Passenger on SS Runic, circa 1910. Samuel J Hood Studio.  ANMM Collection 00035899Unidentified man, circa 1920. Samuel J Hood Studio.  ANMM Collection 00036910Able Seaman Thomas Fleming Walker in the uniform of the New South Wales Naval Brigade circa 1900. ANMM Collection Gift from John Walker. Captain Robert D McKilliam, Talma Studios, Sydney circa 1930.   ANMM Collection Gift from Robert D McKilliam  ANMS0224-119

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