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    Animated graphic depicting a girl wearing a swimsuit and glasses surrounded by clouds

    Lucy’s Adventures

    The museum’s Lucy's Adventures app encourages children to explore Australia’s links with the sea through pictures, movies and puzzles. It's a great way for kids aged 3 to 7 to stay entertained, hone important skills, and learn what the museum does. Available now on iTunes and Google Play.

    Pirate Game

    A group of kids dressed up as pirates on Vampire
    Prove you are a pirate

    Is a pirate's life for you? Learn about pirates past, present and future when you take the fun, interactive pirate's quiz.

    Play the game.

    Viking Games

    Graphic of a wooden Viking ship under sail at sea

    Viking Traders Game

    Did the Vikings really trade as far as Baghdad? Where else did they go and what did they trade? Discover the Viking trading routes using this interactive tool.

    Play the game. (Note: this is a browser-based game. It works well in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but has had issues with Chrome).

    Viking training school

    Welcome to Vikings training school! Vikings were fierce warriors, clever craftspeople and skilled navigators at sea.

    Play the game courtesy of the National Museums Scotland.