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Recording life-changing journeys

A family walks along the Welcome Wall.

The Welcome Wall stands in honour of all those who have migrated from around the world to live in Australia.

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    In one of history's great migrations, more than ten million people have crossed the world to settle in Australia. Was your family among them? The Welcome Wall stands in honour of all those who have migrated to live in Australia with registered names permanently engraved in bronze.

    Registering names on the Wall

    Today’s Australians are invited to pay tribute to migrant family members and friends by having their names inscribed on the bronze-panelled wall.

    For each name, people can contribute a brief (150-word) story about the person being honoured to describe their journey. The name appears on the wall and their brief story is made available on a kiosk at the museum and on the Virtual Welcome Wall.

    See the "How to Register" tab on this page or purchase registration now.


    The online portal for the Virtual Welcome Wall is currently undergoing system updates. This may cause delayed visibility of any changes you make to your Welcome Wall registration via the website. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please continue to check the website for further updates.

    If you are intending to visit the Museum to view your family’s story on the Virtual Welcome Wall Kiosk, please contact The Welcome Wall Project Assistant 02 9298 3667 during business hours Monday to Friday prior. 

    NOTE: In order to view the Virtual Welcome Wall, you need to be using Internet Explorer, and have Silverlight installed.

    Unveiling ceremonies

    The museum holds regular unveiling ceremonies to commemorate new registrants who have inscribed their family names on the wall. See our Welcome Wall Unveiling page for the latest dates.

  • How to Register

    How to Register

    The Welcome Wall is a permanent reminder of Australia’s heritage and the values of tolerance and unity in diversity. Registering a name provides a unique opportunity to honour our immigrant forebears, family members and friends.

    Registration information

    • Registering one person or a family name costs $150 (including GST) per person or $290 for a couple.
    • For a name to appear on the museum’s Welcome Wall, the person must have been born overseas and settled in Australia.
    • You can register with as little information as the person's name and place of origin.
    • Once you have registered, you can add a 150 word story about the person, along with information about their arrival and other personal details. This optional information is held on our database and appears on the Virtual Welcome Wall. It can be submitted at any time.
    • You can buy a gift registration for a friend or family member.
    • If you are registering a living person other than yourself, a permission for inclusion letter will be sent with the acknowledgement letter. Once approval has been received their name will be added.
    • New panels of names are unveiled in a special ceremony at the museum twice a year. If your record is due to be unveiled you will be notified in writing prior to the ceremony. Ceremonies are free public events and all are welcome to join us.

    How to register

    Register online or if you have any questions or enquiries, see "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Contact us" below.

    How to update an existing registration

    If you have already registered a name or names, you can add more information such as a personal story to appear on the Virtual Welcome Wall.

    1) Go to the online registration section now. You will need your reference number. If you registered online you should have been emailed a copy as part of your confirmation email. If you didn't receive or have forgotten your reference number, please see "Contact Us" below.

    2) With your reference number you can resume your application if you haven’t completed it and also change your Virtual Welcome Wall entries even after your physical Welcome Wall inscription has already been unveiled.

    Contact Us

    If you have a question, or would like to receive a registration pack, please get in touch.
    Phone: +61 (02) 9298 3667
    Email: welcomewall@anmm.gov.au

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I registered online and I have not received any confirmation?

    You will not receive an automatic notification when you register online. Please allow 48 hours to receive your Confirmation letter of payment via email. If you have not heard from us within 2 days, please contact the Welcome Wall office on 02 9298 3667.

    What details about the person appear on the Welcome Wall?

    The Welcome Wall records names of individuals only (note titles and awards such as Dr, Mrs and OAM cannot be inscribed on the Wall). All additional information submitted, such as date of arrival, can be viewed on the Virtual Welcome Wall (which is also shown in the museum’s foyer).

    Are names listed alphabetically?

    Names are listed on the Welcome Wall in the order that they have been registered and not alphabetically. This way a family or group of people who have registered at the same time can appear together on the Wall. On arrival at the museum, you can use the Kiosk in the foyer to look up your registration details on the Virtual Welcome Wall. The panel and line location of your name will be displayed and you can walk around to the Wall to see it.

    How do I ensure names will appear together on the Wall?

    If you register online, you are able to select the number of people you wish to register, the number of inscription lines and in which order they will appear. Please add each name in the same order you would like it to appear on the wall. If you are registering by mail, simply attach the forms together or number each name in the order you would like them to appear.

    Can I list more than two names on a single line?

    You can list as many names as you like on a line, providing they fit within the 43-character limit (this includes spaces). The cost for each person is $150, regardless of whether listed on one line or individually. Each additional person will cost $140.

    Can additional information or changes be submitted later on?

    You can add or change you’re the information that appears on the Virtual Wall at any time. See "Update an Existing Registration", or contact the Welcome Wall office on 02 9298 3667 to submit any changes. Your inscription name (which appears on the physical Wall) can only be changed prior to its inscription on the Welcome Wall. Shortly after you register, you will receive a letter confirming payment and name spelling. Any changes should be arranged within 14 days of receiving this letter.

    What type of payment is accepted?

    We accept payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). For hardcopy registrations we accept cheques, money order and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) by post. You can also pay by cash at the museum's front reception.

    We will endeavour to email your confirmation letter and post any memento certificates ordered within 7 days of receipt. During busy periods this may take up to 14 days, therefore please allow sufficient time for processing and postage if you are registering a gift.

    Who will receive the gift letter and certificate?

    All correspondence (i.e. confirmation letter/receipt, gift letter and memento certificate) are sent to the person who submitted the registration.

    How can I find out the date of arrival, or more information, about the person I'm registering?

    Click on the "family history research" tab as a starting point to locate the arrival details of a person. The Vaughan Evans Library  located in Wharf 7, may be able to assist you in sourcing additional information regarding immigration. They have 2 research guides that may be of help in your search for more information:
    Immigration - Sailing ships
    Immigration – Steamships and passenger liners:

    The library can be contacted at library@anmm.gov.au  if you need more assistance to locate that elusive passenger list.

    When will my registered name appear on the Welcome Wall?

    Names are added to the Welcome Wall at special unveiling ceremonies, held at the museum twice a year. Ceremonies usually occur around April/May and September/October. The time at which your name will be inscribed on the Wall will depend upon time of registration. For example, if you register close to a ceremony date and are placed on a new panel that is yet to be filled, your registration will appear on the Wall at the following ceremony. Letters of invitation to the unveiling ceremony are posted to all eligible registrants around 6 weeks prior to the event.

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    Family History

    If you are searching your family tree or family history, review this list of helpful websites.

    In Australia, shipping and passenger records are generally held in the state the vessel arrived in. You may like to vary your search to include archival resources in your area , as well as those in the family's port of arrival and country of origin. Unfortunately the museum is unable to provide specific information about ships or arrivals.

    Remember, searching for family history information takes time and sometimes records have been lost or damaged over time.

    The Vaughan Evans Library has research guides that may help start your search.


     The Vaughan Evans Library, Australian National Maritime Museum
       National Archives of Australia

       National Archives of Australia: Record Search (1921-1950 arrivals)

       National Library of Australia: Family History Sources
       You can also search the state library in your state or territory.
     New South Wales

     State Records of NSW

       NSW Heritage Branch

     ACT ACT Heritiage Library

     Northern Territory

     State Library of NT

     Queensland  Queensland State Archives

     South Australia

     State Records of SA

     Tasmania  Archives Office of Tasmania

     Victoria  Public Record Office of Victoria

     Western Australia

     State Records Office of Western Australia