Arctic Voices

Discover how we are all connected to the Arctic

Arctic Voices

Despite its seemingly remote location, the Arctic is connected to all of us. Arctic Voices will take you on a journey to this fascinating and changing region.

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  • Coming 14 December 2017




    Despite its seemingly remote location, the Arctic is connected to all of us. Arctic Voices is a family-friendly exhibition that will take you on a journey to this fascinating and ever changing region.

    The Arctic is more than just snow: it is land, water, and ice. It is home to people and wildlife. It is a place of rapid change. Find out what affects the Arctic and in turn, how the Arctic impacts the whole planet.


    Take a closer look at the connections between life on land and life in the sea. Pounce, hop, push and crawl your way through animal life in the Arctic. Travel with scientists as they catch and tag Arctic whales. Go on a garden tour to see how plants have adapted to survive and thrive in this harsh environment.

    Hear from the people that inhabit this region as they share their knowledge and unique culture. Participate in throat singing, a traditional art with modern applications. Meet some of the scientists documenting and studying the implications of a changing north. Challenge your perceptions of the Arctic and discover a colourful land that's closer to your own backyard than you think.\


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    Open daily, 9.30am–5pm, from 14 December 2017 to 1 May 2018.

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      Science North                    Canadian Museum of Nature

    Discover how Inuksuit serve as sign posts and symbols of a proud cultural heritage, marking locations of camps, stored food and fishing grounds. Courtesy Science North. Use the touchscreen to help guide an Orca through the openings in the ice in order to reach the safety of open ocean water. Courtesy Science North.“Crawl beneath the ice” to investigate the Arctic Ocean’s food web, but be careful, there may be a polar bear waiting to greet you when you pop up through the sea ice! Courtesy Science North. Study real skull and claw specimens to compare the paws, claws and jaws of the three North American bears.  Courtesy Science North.At the Global Connections computer station, explore how the Arctic affects global systems and influences the weather you experience. Courtesy Science North. Find out how far, and how fast, an Arctic hare can leap in a single bound.  Then, test your jumping skills against the powerful hind legs of this amazing Arctic animal. Courtesy Science North.Examine real specimens to find out more about survival techniques of birds, fish, mammals and other Arctic animals. Courtesy Science North.