Promotional image for the Shackleton - Escape from Antarctica exhibition.


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Radiograph of Lookdown fish by Sandra J. Raredon, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

X-Ray Vision

Wendy Sharpe, Elephant seal arguments. Gold Harbour, South Georgia 2014. Gouache on paper.

Painting for Antarctica:

Black and white image of numerous sailors and officers posing on board the submarine HMAS AE2

War at Sea

Coming Exhibitions

On Tour

Black and white image of a boy on the deck of a ship holding a large ring

On Their Own
Britain's child migrants

A group of men waving on board a passenger ship called Toscana

Coming to Australia
Photographs from po...

Black and white image of a man's legs emerging from the water at a beach

Waves & Water
Australian Beach Ph...