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Container the Box that Changed the World Outdoor Exhibition Australian National Maritime Museum

Visit this free, outdoor show and discover the secrets of the box that changed the world.

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16 Oct 2017 - 01 Oct 2018


Discover science, technology & exploration.

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Turtle in net. Photographer Lynnette Griffiths

A marine ecology installation created by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists from Erub Arts on Darnley Island, Torres Strait, Australia.

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MV KRAIT, 1989. Photographer Victoria Fernandez (ANMM)

This year is the 75th anniversary of the daring raid.

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26 Sep 2018 - 26 Feb 2019

Operation Jaywick
Sharks and Humanity| Image: LI JIWEI, Don’t Copy II, kinetic work, dimensions variable. Plastic, propylene, stainless steel, dynamo and lighting 2015

Showcasing work from some of China’s leading contemporary artists

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28 Nov 2018 - 28 Apr 2019

On Sharks & Humanity
Gapu-Monuk Saltwater: Journey to Sea Country

Journey to Sea Country

Discover the story of the Yolŋu people and the Blue Mud Bay legal case.

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09 Nov 2017 - 28 Feb 2019

Gapu-Monuk Saltwater
Temporary accommodation for Skaubryn survivors on the deck of Roma, 1958. ANMM Collection Gift from Barbara Alysen ANMS0214[063]. Reproduced courtesy International Organisation for Migration

A Dramatic Tale of Fire, Sea and Rescue

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28 Mar 2018 - 07 Oct 2018

Remembering Skaubryn
© Qing Lin - The Insiders

Reconnect with the wonder of nature through the magic of photography.

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© Rosemary Gamajun Mamuniny/Copyright Agency, 2018. Woven skirt from Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island).

Celebrating NAIDOC 2018: Because of her, we can!

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