Dogs and Cats

All at Sea

Bailey Curating Dogs and Cats

Bailey, Assistant Director of Seagulls, has a ruff choice to make.


    Bailey, Assistant Director of Seagulls, has been asked to guest-curate an exhibition this Christmas.

    Pawing through the Museum’s Sam J. Hood’s photographic collection Seafaring Pets, Bailey has picked out his favourite photos of dogs (and other animals, with the occasional cat) living and working on board ships.

    Bailey, however, has a strict 'no seagull' policy.

    He loves young animals, even small humans, and is particlarly keen on those dogs who braved the wild seas with their two-legged companions. Step back in time, paws for a while, and see a dog's-eye view of our history at sea.

    If you know Bailey from magazines, TV or in the newspaper, make sure you look out for him when you come to the museum. He's very friendly, and fame hasn't gone to his head, even if they are starting to make 'action figures' out of him.


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