Arctic Voices

Summer's Coolest Family Exhibition

Arctic Voices

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    Experience the polar opposite of what you expect

    The Arctic may seem remote and desolate, but it's a land of more than just ice and snow.

    It's isolated by extreme weather and distance, but it's connected to the planet in ways we are now only just beginning to understand. An icy wilderness, it's also a fragile, rapidly changing environment, teeming with a colourful diversity of life.

    Discover a harsh but beautiful world, filled with surprises and contradictions. Arctic Voices will turn your expectations of a barren frozen expanse, upside down.

    Take A Fun Journey to Another World

    Arctic Voices is a fun journey into a world of discovery. Children can pounce, hop, push and crawl their way through the Arctic, and come face to face with giant polar bears.

    Explore with scientists as they catch and tag Arctic whales, and marvel at how plants survive and thrive in this harsh environment.

    Hear from the people who make the Arctic their home, and have fun trying some Inuit throat singing. Enjoy a fun and fascinating family journey through a winter wonderland this summer.



    Arctic Voices will be open daily, 9.30am–5pm, until 30 April 2018.

    An Arctic Voices Big Ticket gives you access to the exhibition, as well as all other activities at the museum on the day.

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    This exhibition is bilingual: English and French

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    Aurora Expeditions Channel Nine Science North
    The Arctic is heading Down UnderFind out how far, and how fast, an Arctic hare can leap in a single bound.  Then, test your jumping skills against the powerful hind legs of this amazing Arctic animal. Courtesy Science North.The Arctic is heading Down UnderUse the touchscreen to help guide an Orca through the openings in the ice in order to reach the safety of open ocean water. Courtesy Science North.Arctic Voices has a cool kids program these School Holidays“Crawl beneath the ice” to investigate the Arctic Ocean’s food web, but be careful, there may be a polar bear waiting to greet you when you pop up through the sea ice! Courtesy Science North. See the documentary Wonders of the Arctic 3DStudy real skull and claw specimens to compare the paws, claws and jaws of the three North American bears.  Courtesy Science North.See the documentary Wonders of the Arctic 3DAt the Global Connections computer station, explore how the Arctic affects global systems and influences the weather you experience. Courtesy Science North. The Arctic is heading Down UnderExamine real specimens to find out more about survival techniques of birds, fish, mammals and other Arctic animals. Courtesy Science North.Discover how Inuksuit serve as sign posts and symbols of a proud cultural heritage, marking locations of camps, stored food and fishing grounds. Courtesy Science North.