The Trireme, the first warship of antiquity

Admiral John Paloubis, Hellenic Maritime Museum

Trireme in action

The trireme is the first warship of antiquity and the predecessor for all the later warships in the Mediterranean. For two centuries, Athenian rule of the seas relied upon the trireme.

  • The Trireme: First Warship of Antiquity

    Join special guest Admiral John Paloubis from the Hellenic Maritime Museum as he talks about the trireme.

    From the 7th Century BC to the 4th Century BC, the trireme ruled the waves of the Mediterranean.

    The predecessor for all later warships (like the quadreme and quinquereme)  the trireme was the backbone of the Athenian navy, and helped Athens rule the seas. Its three banks of oars of the trireme was so ubiquitous that the name was synonymous with 'warship'.

    Learn about its development and what life was like on board. A technological masterpiece of ancient naval architecture, the trireme was sturdy enough to face battle, yet light enough to be taken out of the water (every night) by 140 men.

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