Nawi Conference 2017

Travelling our waters

Nawi Conference opening night ceremony, 2012. Photographer: Andrew Frolows, ANMM.

The Australian National Maritime Museum will host the second major national conference on Australia’s Indigenous Watercraft knowledges.

  • Join Us November 9 

    The Australian National Maritime Museum will host the second major national conference on Australia’s Indigenous watercraft in a full day symposium on November 9.

    This year's theme is 'Travelling our Waters'.

    The symposium will look at Indigenous watercraft as a fundamental aspect of our national narrative, extending the foundations laid five years ago at the first Nawi conference in 2012. 

    Nawi 2017: Travelling Our Waters 

    This second national gathering of Indigenous watercraft custodians and cultural practitioners will continue to build community collaborations and research to create a national picture of this significant part of Australia’s maritime story.

    Sessions will cover a range of subjects: diversity and design, stories and traditions, imagery, trade and navigation, materials and techniques, and modern-day Indigenous practices and waterway management. 

    There will also be a practical session on the construction of the New South Wales nawi (tied-bark canoe), and other sessions focused on history, art, Indigenous knowledge, archaeology and science.

    Bringing Communities Together

    Nawi 2017 brings together community, cultural leaders and educators to share, discuss and practice knowledge of the rivers, oceans and watercraft of the world’s oldest continuous living culture.  

    Travelling our Waters contains papers, presentations, displays, demonstrations and performances that explore, watercraft history, diversity, significance, interpretation, voyaging, current community canoe projects and waterways and sea management programs. 

    Join Us November 8 for the Opening Night of Gapu-Monuk Saltwater Journey to Sea Country

    All guests are invited to attend the special opening night event of our exhibition, Gapu-Monuk Saltwater Journey to Sea Country, on November 8. The Nawi symposium will begin the next day, on November 9.

    Speakers and Presenters

    The full finalised list of speakers and presenters will soon be announced.

    Nawi Conference 2012 Welcome Ceremony from AboveNawi Conference 2012 Putting Nawi Canoe in the WaterNawi Conference 2012  Australian National Maritime MuseumNawi Conference 2012 welcome ceremonyNawi Conference 2012 Canoe and fire