Members Preview - 3D cinema

Great White Shark

Screenshot taken from the documentary of a diver filming a great white shark.

Enjoy a special members-only viewing of a breathtaking 3D encounter with the predator we love to fear - the Great White Shark.

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    Three years in the making, Great White Shark takes viewers around the world on an incredible 3D journey: 
    • swim the crystal clear waters of Mexico’s legendary Guadalupe Island
    • see newly-discovered shark territory around Stewart Island, off the southernmost tip of New Zealand
    • dive into the bone-chilling waters with South Africa’s 'flying' Great Whites
    • and finally cruise the California coast near heavily-populated Los Angeles. 

    The film examines what we've recently learned about these incredible animals, through the eyes of people whose lives have become inextricably linked to the Great White.

    At approximately 40 minutes, (members will see an 'extended cut') the film is the perfect length for an air-conditioned break after walking around the Maritime Museum.


    MUST SEE AFTER THE FILM: Legendary Shark Cinematographer Valerie Taylor's stainless steel mesh suit - on the ground floor, just near the Members' Lounge.



    Ticket information


    Exclusive to Museum Members.

    Date: Sunday 26 February 2017

    Time: 12pm

    Duration: Approx 40 minutes

    Places are limited, so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.


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