Rights Statement

The Australian National Maritime Museum joined Flickr Commons in 2010 to begin a process of making its major photographic collections more accessible to the public.

The first such collections to appear on Flickr Commons is the Australian National Maritime Museum's Samuel J. Hood Studio Collection. Since then, the collections have expanded to include photographs from William J Hall, Harold Nossiter, David Moore, Poul C Poulsen and many more.

The Australian National Maritime Museum is also inviting the public to help to identify scenes, vessels and persons appearing in the photographs.

The images from the museum's collection that are being made available on Flickr Commons fall under the copyright category of No known restrictions. This means that the museum is not aware of any copyright restriction on these photographs.

Users may download or print off these images for research, artistic or other personal use. They are provided on the condition that the images, if reproduced or distributed, will be clearly attributed to the collection of the Australian National Maritime Museum; and that they will not be used for any commercial or for-profit purposes without the permission of the Australian National Maritime Museum.

It is the museum's policy to charge usage fees for commercial exploitation of images in its collection, including the ones appearing on Flickr Commons . If you wish to obtain a higher-quality version of one or more of these images for any purpose including commercial and for-profit uses, please contact the museum's publications manager.

Please note that the museum cannot warrant that your use of these images may not infringe rights claimed by some third party as yet unknown.

View the collection so far - http://www.flickr.com/photos/anmm_thecommons.