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Lucy's Adventures - Children's App

Lucys Adventure App  

Our brand new app encourages children to explore our links with the sea through pictures, movies and puzzles. It's a great way for kids aged 3 to 7 to stay entertained, hone important skills, and learn what one of the world's coolest museums does. It also has regular updates of new puzzles, themed backgrounds, characters, and objects to ensure content remains new and interesting! Parents can also use the app to stay abreast of the museum's latest events, including the popular Family Fun Days, programs for Mini Mariners (under 5s) and activities for Kids on Deck (ages 5-12). Available now on iStore and Google Play. 

Instructions on how to download FREE from the istore or Google Play.


Paper Crafts

Kids craft supplies 

Get creative with some clever crafts to print, make and decorate at home. Download these pdf cut-outs.
Tip: These paper crafts will be even easier to do if you can print or photocopy them to A3 size on heavy paper ( 150 -200gsm).

The destroyer - HMAS Vampire
The submarine - HMAS Onslow
A viking ship

View more craft ideas on our blog.

 A mother humpback whale and her baby are submerged in the crystal blue waters of the Pacific off Maui Island Wolcott Henry National Geographic 

To celebrate Whale Season, the Museum is holding a colouring in competition. A whale toys & books prize pack from the Museum Store is on offer. Please read the Terms & Conditions.

Download the Whale Activity sheet
Download the poster of a mother and baby humpback whale.


Viking traders

Interactive Viking activity 

Did the Vikings really trade as far as Baghdad? Where else did they go and what did they trade?

Discover the Viking trading routes using this interactive activity. You will be amazed by the number of goods they traded, including falcons, glass and honey. Did you know the Vikings introduced silk to England from China? Find out what one of their most important trade commodities was and where the main trading centres were located.

Start the Vikings interactive



Viking training school

Viking training school 

Welcome to Vikings! training school.

Vikings were fierce warriors, clever craftspeople and skilled navigators at sea.
Learn Vikings skills in three mini games and see what kind of VIking you would have been!

Play the game

Game courtesy of the National Museums Scotland.



Prove you are a pirate!

Pirates quiz 

Is a pirate's life for you? Care to read some pirate stories? Learn about pirates past, present and future when you take the fun, interactive pirate's quiz.

Race against the hourglass and beware the consequences if you answer incorrectly. Or enter the library to read pirate stories of infamy and adventure.

Start the pirates quiz



Maritime trivia

Maritime trivia 

Amaze friends and family with your maritime trivia knowledge!

  • Can you name all 11 ships of the First Fleet?
  • Where can you find Australia II?
  • What are blackbirders?

Find out the answers to these questions and other random trivia facts right here. Test yourself or others. Ready? Good luck!

Test your maritime trivia knowledge


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