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caption: The museum can license the reproduction of many unique artworks like this 1856-1857 oil painting <em>The Red Jacket in Hobson's Bay</em> by Thomas Robertson.

The Australian National Maritime Museum encourages the reproduction of photographs, illustrations, artworks and other objects in its collection and archives, subject to terms and conditions. For information about licencing and reproducing images held by the museum, contact our publications manager:

Phone: +61 2 9298 3621
Fax: +61 2 9298 3670

Charges apply for individuals, organisations or businesses reproducing or publishing photographs, art works, illustrations and drawings from the Australian National Maritime Museum's collection or archives, for private use or publication (still images only).

A reproduction/publishing fee generally covers a single, non-exclusive licence to use museum material. In addition we may apply a production fee for supplying copy or duplicate material, along with courier or other costs in excess of normal postage. All prices include GST.

Reproduction/publishing fees (one-time non-exclusive licence):

Student research for a recognised course, diploma, degree etc: 
Production cost only 
Genealogical or private research or publication of research (substantially non-commercial):  $27 
Build model from plan  $100 
Film, video, television editorial, electronic publication:  $165 - $330 
Exhibition in a museum, gallery or other display:  $27 - $165
(fee scaled to resource or income level of organisation) 
Between covers of commercial publication, book, magazine or periodical:  Part page $110; full page $165; 2-page $250 
Book or serial cover, gatefold or lift-out:  $330 
Advertising (film, TV, print, display):  $330 
Poster, greetings or post card, packaging (eg CD or video slip cover):  Royalty to be negotiated 

Production costs

Source  Duplicate  Cost 
Existing digitised source  A4 inkjet colour print  $30.00 
Existing digitised source  A3 inkjet colour print  $40.00 
Existing digitised source  A2 inkjet colour print  $60.00 
Any format  Scan to create a digital image file for any purpose  $20.00 
Plan or blueprint   A0, A1 or A2 sheet from plan printer  not currently available  
Colour transparency or negative  10 x 8 commercial colour print  $44.00 
Any object or medium  Special copy work or rephotograph object in ANMM photographic studio  $125.00 per hour 

 Terms & conditions

Images are provided subject to the following conditions:

  1. We will attempt to make images of objects, artworks, illustrations and drawings from the Australian National Maritime Museum collection or archives available for reasonable and legitimate purposes, subject to availability of staff to process your request.
  2. Images will generally be provided, and permission to use them will be granted, if the museum owns the rights to reproduce them and after any due charges have been paid.
  3. If an item is protected by copyright, and the museum is not the copyright owner, then the client must obtain permission(s) to reproduce from the copyright owner before an image can be supplied.
  4. The museum must be acknowledged in all publications with a printed credit such as:
    • Reproduced courtesy of the Australian National Maritime Museum
    • Australian National Maritime Museum photograph
    • Photograph by [name], Australian National Maritime Museum
    • or other wording approved by the museum.
  5. If an ANMM image is to be published, the museum may require an archive copy of the publication to be provided free of charge by the client as a condition of reproducing the image.
  6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander material will be provided subject to the rights and wishes of the makers or original owners of such material, which will be observed by clients wishing to reproduce such material.
  7. The museum reserves the right to refuse a request if it is not satisfied that the client will abide by these or any other reasonable conditions.

Access to the museum site or collection by non-staff photographers for photography or filming sessions is subject to approval. A site access fee will vary according to the project and the services provided by museum (such as staff assistance, security and power).

More information

Please contact the Publications Manager:
Phone: (02) 9298 3621
Fax: (02) 9298 3670

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