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Fun and Games for Little Mateys

A treasure trove of pirate-related activities for kids

  • Pirate Crafts

    Explore our pirate craft ideas!

    paper craft - pirate hat and patch

    Make a pirate hat and eye patch

    Don’t just talk like a pirate, look like a pirate too! To help you get in the swashbuckling spirit,  here’s a pirate hat and eye patch pattern to download and make.

    Patch-eyed pirate prints

    Make patch-eyed pirate prints

    Instructions on how to make a pirate stencil to use on totes, bandanna's or even a flag.

    paper craft - make a pirate Christmas card

    Pirate greeting cards

    A DIY greeting card with a swashbuckling pirate theme.

    Prove you are a pirate

    Pirate Game screenshot

    Is a pirate's life for you? Learn about pirates past, present and future when you take the fun, interactive pirate's quiz.

    Play the game.