Virtual Endeavour Program


    The Virtual Endeavour program offers every student in Australia the opportunity to explore the HMB Endeavour, without leaving the classroom. Using HD imagery, videos and the support of an expert, ‘live’ museum guide, students can become immersed in a curated, digital environment, and learn through themed tours that align to the Australian Curriculum.

    Focussing on STEM topic areas and using examples of scientific exploration from the time of Captain Cook, students will reach surprising conclusions about how Science has changed and how we still use the knowledge achieved during Cook’s incredible journeys.

    • Immersive: The remote student feels as if they are present on the ship, and each student can control their own view on the ship
    • Interactive: Remote students engage in discussions with the educator and other students on their tour
    • Engaging: Students can explore digital content that is relevant to the current conversation

    Teachers can choose from a range of modules available, including:

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    This project has been assisted by the Australian government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst - Australian Arts and Culture Fund.