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The Australian Register of Historic Vessels (ARHV) is the definitive online registry of historic vessels in Australia

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    Search the Register

    The Register is the definitive online repository for vessels with a particular significance to Australia's maritime history.

    Over 600 historic vessels are featured, with background information on designers, builders and owners, along with many fascinating and engaging stories.

    When you search the Register, you'll also find their geographical location, aspects of their type or class, and the eras their life has spanned, which gives further context to each vessel listed.

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    Paddle Steamer MARIONA motorboat underwayBark canoeMotorboat on Sydney Harbour
  • Register a vessel

    Register a vessel

    The Register is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum, in association with Sydney Heritage Fleet. 

    Representation on the Register is a recognition of a vessel’s particular significance to Australia’s maritime history. Nomination of a vessel can be done by an owner, or on behalf of an owner, with the owner's consent.

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  • Follow the blog

    Follow the blog

    Follow the Australian National Maritime Museum’s ARHV blog for new updates on historical vessels and other news from our wharves.

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