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Creative Workshops:

for kids 8-14 years

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Kids can learn new skills in our 1 or 2 day hands-on workshops.

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    Every school holidays, we host full-day workshops to learn creative skills. Aimed at kids aged 8-14, courses include photography, animation, printmaking and videography. Kids get hands-on training and learn real skills, and spend the day in and around the museum, or, sometimes, Cockatoo Island.

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    Young Inventors - Kinetic art, design and engineering workshop 

    Join our Photography workshops. A teenage girl on location taking photos.

    One Day Workshop

    Experiment with engineering creations that move, float, fly and spin. 

    Learn about submersible vehicles, then invent your own creative underwater exploration device.

    Learn the basics of mechanical engineering in a day of fun with this engaging workshop inspired by the deep sea submersibles of James Cameron — Challenging the Deep.

    Date: Wednesday 11 July 2018
    Times: 10am-4pm
    Ages: 8-14 years
    Materials: All workshop materials supplied.
    Cost: $65 / $50 members. Bookings essential.

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    Underwater Worlds - Two Day 3D Modelling Workshop

    AIE Underwater Worlds

    Two Day Workshop
    Create an underwater world in 3D inspired by the James Cameron: Challenging the Deep exhibition, and your imagination. Design the landscape and the weird and wonderful deep-sea life that has evolved in this strange environment as you learn new skills in 3D modelling and texturing. Have your finished movie featured in a special screening at the museum.

    Dates: Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 July
    Times: 9:30am – 4:30pm
    Ages: 12-15 yrs
    Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge required and an interest in games
    Cost: $180 ANMM members / $200 general


    Sea Creatures 3D - Two Day 3D Animation Workshop

    AIE Sea Creatures 3D
    Two Day Workshop

    Make your own weird and wonderful sea creature! Learn to digitally create sea creatures in 3D using the same software used in modern games and film. Get inspired by the James Cameron: Challenging the Deep exhibition, and learn the techniques you need to bring your creation to life. Your finished movie will be featured in a special screening at the museum

    Dates: Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 July
    Times: 9:30am – 4:30pm
    Ages: 8-12 yrs
    Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge, an interest in 3D art
    Cost: $180 ANMM members / $200 general 


    Important Information

    Both Sea Creature 3D and Underwater World courses are held on site at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Ultimo and are booked through the AIE website.

    Both courses start with registrations and a visit to exhibitions at the Australian National Maritime Museum on Wednesday 18 July.

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    General information

    • Arrive in the museum foyer for registration 5–10 minutes prior to the program.

    • Parents/carers will be required to sign permission forms on the day.

    • Participants are fully supervised for this program.

    • Participants should bring their own lunch/snacks.

    • All equipment for the workshop is provided.

    • Wear suitable clothing, sturdy shoes and sun protection for outdoors

    • Our Plan Your Visit page has everything you need to know about a trip to the museum.

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