Painting for Antarctica:

Wendy Sharpe and Bernard Ollis follow Shackleton

Wendy Sharpe, Elephant seal arguments. Gold Harbour, South Georgia 2014. Gouache on paper.

See stunning paintings from two leading Australian artists who voyaged to Antarctica to follow in the footsteps of famed explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Image: Elephant Seal Arguments, Gold Harbour, South Georgia, 2014 by Wendy Sharpe. Gouache on paper.

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    Wednesday 11 March 2015 – Monday 28 March 2016

    In early 2014, two leading Australian artists, Wendy Sharpe and Bernard Ollis, voyaged to Antarctica following the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1917.

    Shadowing the crew and their doomed ship Endurance, Sharpe and Ollis travelled the Southern Ocean, Weddell Sea and the sub-Antarctic islands of Elephant Island and South Georgia.

    Painting those vast, silent, sublime land and seascapes, Antarctica seemed to them an out-of-the-world experience of unexpected and constantly changing colour, especially drawn into focus when they landed on South Georgia, an incredibly dramatic landscape teeming with wildlife amid remains of the rusted whaling station.

    The artists worked quickly sketching outdoors, taking photographs and working up paper drawings in gouache and oil pastel aboard the ship.

    This artist-in-residency was offered to the artists by Chimu Adventures, a Sydney-based travel company  supporting the work of the Mawson's Huts Foundation to preserve the built heritage of Australian scientist Sir Douglas Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14.

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    Image Gallery

    03 Elephant Seals, 2014 by Bernard Ollis. Gouache.12 Study Of Nine King Penguins,	2014 by Bernard Ollis. Gouache.16 Leaving The Falklands, 2014 by Bernard Ollis. Oil pastel.19 Seals Penguins, South Georgia, 2014 by Bernard Ollis. Oil pastel.23 Grytviken. March 1 2014 (I), 2014 by Bernard Ollis. Oil pastel.1 Elephant seals and Penguins South Georgia, 2014 by Wendy Sharpe. Gouache on paper.12 Approaching Elephant Island (Forge), 2014 by Wendy Sharpe. Gouache on paper.13 Ushuaia, 2014 by Wendy Sharpe. Gouache on paper.18 Sunset, Lemaire Channel, 2014 by Wendy Sharpe. Gouache on paper.